Anti-American Joe Biden Spotted At Flag Burning ‘Protest’

A startling photograph has emerged that puts Presidential hopeful, Joe Biden, at the center of controversy. The photo in question clearly shows the former Vice President in an attendance at an Antifa demonstration where American flags were burned by the bushel. Richard Gozinya, a reporter who was also in attendance to cover the story, revealed the picture and noted that Biden was not merely a bystander to the flag desecration, but an active participant.

“Joe, it turns out, had the only lighter in the group, smoker that he is. He volunteered it without hesitation. He was, in essence, the spark that caused the blaze.

Then he saved everyone again with that lighter as we gathered in a circle to spark one up and blaze ourselves. Watching those flags burn was trippy.”

This enlargement of the photograph shows that this is clearly Joe Biden.
It’s been speculated that Biden had anti-American tendencies and thoughts. Some have suggested he’s a foreign agent because of all the trips he’s taken to other countries. On many of them, while he was vice-president, he met with foreign dignitaries and heads of state, but that’s another story. Spying for enemy nations would certainly explain his wealth. This is something that should be explored by the Justice Department. Perhaps this image’s appearance will spur Barr to take action.

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