CNN Commentator Wishes Coronavirus on Melania Trump?

Meet Rick Wilson: he hates President Trump so much that he’s actually wishing a deadly disease on the Donald’s family members.

Fox News reports:

Former GOP strategist-turned-NeverTrump commentator Rick Wilson took a nasty shot at First Lady Melania Trump, jokingly suggesting that she should “#BeInfected” with the coronavirus.
The White House announced on Wednesday that the first lady, along with several members of the coronavirus task force will be appearing in a series of public service announcements to address the important ways Americans can protect themselves and those most at risk” of being exposed to the virus.
In reaction to a report, however, Wilson had some fun at Trump’s expense, mocking her #BeBest initiative meant to combat cyberbullying.
“#BeInfected,” the frequent CNN and MSNBC guest told the first lady.

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