Cuomo Directs New York Hospitals To Refuse Care To Trump Supporters

Governor Cuomo Of New York Put His State’s Residents In Jeopardy Through His Own Incompetence. Rather Than Admit To That, He’s Pointing The Finger At President Trump And Blaming Him For All His Problems.

Like All Democrats, He Takes Credit For Anything Good That Happens In His State But Blames Others When Things Go Wrong. He Is Blaming President Trump For His Own Unpreparedness And He Is Now Taking His Misplaced Take Out On Innocent Civilians Who Have Nothing To Do With His Personal Feud.

Cuomo Has Directed All Public Hospitals In The State Of New York Not To Treat Trump Supporters Should They Be In Need. This Unconscionable Action Was Explained To Reporters Today:

“This President Is Willing To Let People In New York Die Because He Screwed Up And Because We Don’t Kiss Up To Him. Well Now I Have To Make The Tough Decision Of Who Exactly Will Die For President Trump’s Ego.

It Makes Perfect Sense To Me That The Victims Should Be The Ones Who Support This Monster Being In Office. They Follow His Every Word And Believe He Does No Wrong. It’s Time They Put Their Beliefs To The Test.

Obviously Hospitals Have To Prioritize When They Are As Overwhelmed As They Are Now. Just As In Italy Where They Have Been Forced To Choose Not To Treat The Elderly, We Are Choosing Not To Treat Those Who Would Support This Horrible, Disgusting Man.”

This Is A Callous Disregard For Human Life Considering The Danger This Country Is Presently Facing. Anthony Cuomo Should Be Removed From Office And Brought Up On Charges Immediately For Doing What He’s Doing. How Dare He Defy The President And Show Him How To Do His Job? It’s Truly Disgraceful. He Is A Menace To Society.

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