Democrats Want Stimulus Payments Taken from Social Security and Military

Recently, the most generous economic stimulus payments in the history of our great nation were announced. An overwhelming percentage of the people will get $1,200 each, including our senior citizens and our tremendous military members and President Trump was proud to sign the bill, which will offer relief to millions.

Enter the socialist Democrats. Rarely pennywise and always pound-foolish, they have unilaterally decided that those who are on Social Security and members of the military already make enough money and that these payments will be preemptively taken from their upcoming pay.

Obviously this will have effect of making it difficult for those people to live until they get their government bailout. Seniors will be eating cat food. Soldiers will be eating each other. Do the Democrats care? Of course not.

Nancy Pelosi’s spokesman Joe Barron said:

“$1,200 is nothing. 4 days max of beer money for Speaker Pelosi. They should have prepared for this better. Seniors should be rationing their medications and throw away their cell phones. They’re worthless. A drain on society. I don’t feel bad for them at all. They think they are the greatest generation but most of them can’t even find their dentures. And don’t even get me started on the military. All they want to do wear a uniform and shoot guns. We let them do that. They shouldn’t be paid one cent.”

Donald Trump is a President for all of the people. The Democrats are in it for lazy freeloaders and illegal aliens and don’t care about our seniors and military. Be sure to vote them all out this November!

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